A minor change

So, my newly remodeled website is up and running on my new, upgraded server. In a further effort to simplify my life I will no longer be posting comics or news directly to Live Journal, but all of that material can still be accessed via my rss feed at basicinst_feed2.

Basic Instructions started out solely as a Live Journal blog, and I appreciate all my readers here have done for me. Thanks!

It's been way too long in coming.

There will be a major upgrade to basicinstructions.net rolling out within the next day or three.

The downside of this is that the rss feeds you are currently using will stop working. If you wish to continue receiving my feed you'll have to subscribe to the following:


The upgrades to the site include, but are not limited to, the following:

A more reliable server! (No more "out of service" messages every time I post ... hopefully)

Actual, useable, SEARCHABLE archiving!

Comments on the strips themselves, not just the news posts.

Comics and news consolidated in the same page/feed.

Improved navigatability. (if that is a word)

A new look.


Yes, it's a rerun

Sorry about that. The repeat is due to the holiday weekend and a sinus infection.

Have a happy Thanksgiving! I'll be giving thanks for the fact that you all read my comic.


A kernel of truth

My last two comics each contain a kernel of truth. My cat decided he needed to mew nonstop for an hour or so each night for about a week. He has since stopped.

We were considering getting one of our nephews a toy Indiana Jones bullwhip. Two Christmases ago we got him a Batman mask, but instead of gloves, it came with a chest-plate covered with fake muscles. If you pressed the Batman logo in the middle, it played the most hilarious sound ever made by a toy. A heroic voice would say "Look out, evil doers! I'm Batman!" Then there were sounds that were meant to simulate powerful blows landing Batman exerting himself, but sounded more like Batman being pummeled. Awesome.

Speaking of gifts, you know what makes a great one? MY BOOK!


A quick note.

I have very little to say about this strip, except that it's the rare strip where Rick wins one. What can I say, I was feeling magnanimous.

So, as I said a couple of posts ago, I've written a blog post for Powell's Books. It contains another story from my childhood. It is a true story. I fictionalized "the big reveal" a bit for dramatic purposes, but the facts are solid.

So, Christmas is coming up. I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that my book makes a great gift. (I'll be including a sentence similar to this in all posts between now and Christmas. Properly warned, ye be, says I!)